Kalamazoo Sport & Social Club | For People who Like Sports, but Love to Socialize. Offering coed recreational adult sport leagues, such as dodgeball kickball flag football broomball volleyball golf wiffleball bowling golf softball. It's where Kalamazoo comes to play!

   We are Kalamazoo's Original Sport & Social Club. Accept no substitute, we are the standard of comparison.  We offer a unique opportunity for Kalamazoo's young professionals to meet other physically and socially active individuals.  Ideal for people new to the Kalamazoo area or just looking for a reason to get out of the house on a weeknight!  From Dodgeball, Kickball, to Capture the Flag, everything we do is coed!

How We Do It:

One night a week, you and your coed team plays a fun, non-competitive game of a coed sport. After each game we all meet at our partnered bar for our club's social happy hour(s), where we'll receive substantial drink and food discounts!

We Keep it Social

For people who like sports, but LOVE to socialize! KSSC keeps you active, introduces you to tons of new friends, and gets you out of the house on week nights.  Kalamazoo Sport & Social Club is where Kalamazoo comes to play!





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